Racing Greyhounds are treated cruelly and inhumanely

You may have heard the mistruth that racing Greyhounds are kept in a cage 23 hours a day.  Think about that for a second. 
If that was true, how could these athletes perform at the level they do, especially running at speeds up to 45MPH.  Any rational person
can see the confinement argument is just plain lying propaganda.  They lay their claim to a 2006 "Investigative Report" by a DBPR
employee by the name of Steven Toner who is now deceased.  In that report were alleged violations and allegations of dogs
not being treated correctly as well as a quote by Mr. Toner that dogs were crated 20-23 hours per day.  It has been noted in the inner
circles that Mr. Toner was not a racing proponent, but as you will see, it is somewhat irrelevant when you look at the totality of the
report and the events or specifically non events that happened after this report was turned in by Mr. Toner.    You see if one looks up both
alleged and allegations in any dictionary, the phrase "without proof" is contained within the definition of BOTH words.  This report
contained both alleged actions and allegations.  This is important as you can equate this in real life as a charge, be it criminal or
civil, and would require a trial to substantiate and charge this particular kennel owner with a felony (animal cruelty) and the other charges
which some were violations of Florida Statute under the DBPR.  But you see, there was no further action ever taken, no court trial on the
merits of the investigation.  For whatever reason the DBPR did not send the case to the DOAH (Department of Administrative Hearings)
which is where anyone licensed under the DBPR can be charged with a crime, have their occupational licenses revoked or suspended,
and can levy fines.  So with just charges and none proven in a court of law, why do they rely heavily on the "investigative report" that
went nowhere.  The charges were NEVER proven.  This basically makes their main claim null and void, or just the same.
Outright Trickeration we have come to expect from them and their followers.

Greyhounds are fed 4D meat which is from diseased and dying animals.

Another propaganda statement.  In one video the founder of Grey2k, Christine Dorchak (One of the animal rights organization behind Amendment 13) stated in a video, 4D was a USDA classification.  That was made up by her to further the lies as the UDSA has no such designation.  4D meat is used to make the kibble you buy for your pets in the store, as well as other animals such as zoo animals.  4D meat itself did not kill any dogs, with any meat you cannot leave it out to thaw past a certain time frame, or it will spoil just like any meat you purchase from the grocery store.  That is called human error.
Greyhounds are given cocaine and there is no such thing as environmental contamination.

Or you may have heard these lies from Grey2K's own fountain of misinformation, Carey Theil: "Greyhounds are given cocaine to fix races.",
"It's the biggest drug scandal ever!"  You probably have heard hundreds of news stories about dogs testing positive for cocaine
at a few tracks.  While this is true, the accusations by the animal rights activists are more lies and propaganda.  Here are the FACTS
from a recent Florida court case.  Keep in mind all dogs identified were UNDER 36.5ng/ml, with the majority being in the 10-15 ng/ML. 

Dr. Cole also conceded that levels of cocaine below 100 (ng/mL) would be very unlikely to have any effect on a racing animal's
performance, and that such low levels could be the result of
environmental contamination.

Dr. Thomas Tobin, a veterinarian, pharmacologist, and toxicologist, testified that trace amounts of cocaine are present virtually
everywhere  in North American human society. Dr. Tobin stated that less than 50 ng/mL of urinary BZE is indicative of nothing
more than that the subject lives in North America. Dr. Tobin testified that a very small concentration of cocaine metabolites in the
urine is likely attributable to
environmental contamination. Dr. Tobin stated that when the concentration is below pharmacological
significance, it should not be called a positive. He noted that in human drug testing, a sample is first screened at 150 ng/mL and then
confirmed at 100 ng/mL, at which point it is reported as positive. Dr. Tobin could think of no scientific reason why there should be a
regulatory reporting threshold for humans but not for racing animals.

Please note that if there was a cutoff, which is scientifically supported by the cutoffs for humans and horses, NONE of the positives
that they reference from the past two years, would have been a positive.  That's common sense and an indisputable FACT.
Any rational person would be able to understand that there was no drugging and no attempts to fix races, environmental contamination is
even in the Florida State Statutes

It should also be noted on this subject that one kennel owner requested a split sample for one of these positives.  The sample was sent
to UC Davis Toxicology Lab and was found to contain NO DNA from a DOG or any other animal.  One of the current registered Lobbyists for
Grey2k, Tony Glover, was the head of the Florida regulatory body that oversaw these tests and quit to become the Lobbyist shortly AFTER
the split sample was requested.  Once can make their own assumptions from these FACTS.
Female Greyhounds are given performance enhancing steroids.

First off, females are given a low dose testosterone which is NON performance enhancing to prevent them from going into heat or estrus.  This prevents any chaos with the male dogs in the kennel from the female going into heat (estrus).  The same drug is used for show dogs and hunting dogs.  Again, this report is backed by FACTS, and this topic is no different.  Here are the opinions of THREE of the foremost experts in this field:

There is absolutely no clinical evidence that the use of testosterone to delay estrus in female racing greyhounds is harmful to the dogs when given at the right dosage.  Racing dogs that receive this treatment remain healthy, perform well, and experience no difficulty returning to their normal reproductive status when their racing careers are over.  This topic is addressed in the internationally recognized greyhound care textbook,  The Care of the Racing and Retired Greyhound.  In that text, which is widely considered the bible of greyhound health, Linda Blythe, DVM/PhD writes "Preventing a greyhound female from cycling actually prevents damage to her musculoskeletal system and keeps her from injuring herself"

Historically testosterone supplements or treatments have been used in the racing greyhound to suppress estrus.  Other treatments have been tested to identify alternative ways to manage females, but they do not seem to be effective as testosterone.  Proper use of testosterone seems to have minimal effect on the reproductive system of the female.  Female greyhounds do not seem to have anymore reproductive problems than other breeds.  At this time estrus suppression is the optimal method to manage female greyhounds and the use of a proper testosterone regimen is the method of choice.   References:  Management & Nutrition, The Merck Veterinary Manual, 9th Edition.

Any usage of anabolic steroids involving racing greyhounds is prohibited, except that the administration of oral, or as otherwise prescribed by a licensed veterinarian, testosterone shall be permitted for the control of estrus in female racing greyhounds provided it is validly prescribed and properly labeled.
-Page 344 ARCI Manual 8.2 December 2017
Greyhounds are FORCED to Run
Reporter sees first hand that dogs are NOT forced to run
So how did the cocaine get in the dogs?
No one knows for sure.  The anti racing activists would like to point to the trainers as that would help their defamatory narrative. 
Dr. Tobin's (click testimony below) testimony would seem to point to track and/or State Personnel as the trainers hand the dogs off
to track personnel at least 30 minutes before the first race.  With that timeline it would almost be impossible to have come from the
trainer.  In any event, the testimony which the judge deemed as FACT, proves there is no INTENTIONAL drugging with cocaine, a convienent FACT that anti racing activists leave out of their narrative.  Click below for the pertinent FACTS from the court case.
It should also be noted that the Co Chair of the organization that says these crates are inhumane, uses THE SAME crates for her adoption business. Other adoption groups use the same crates as well.
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With all this evidence that points AGAINST intentional doping of the dogs, Mr. Thei and his organization Grey2k along with the HSUS spent millions on TV ads in Florida that directly contradicted the court rulings, evidence, and experts.  This is called ELECTION FRAUD
AGAIN, Mr. Theil and his organization Grey2k along with HSUS passed of this narrative in their million dollar campaign of lies and misinformation, in DIRECT CONTRADICTION of expert Veterinarian opinions.  This is doggie birth control no more, no less.  NOT performance enhancing as they claim against all accepted scientific protocol.
But Isn't Greyhound Racing a Dying Sport
Let's just start off by saying dying or not, no one should be put out of a LEGAL job by a constitutional Amendment just because some radical group does not like your profession, that is NOT how our country is supposed to work.  The animal right activists like to take the amount of bets reported to the State to tell you the sport is dying, but the State does not report or TAX internet wagers on greyhound racing.  The tracks do put out a results sheet after each performance and at te very bottom report the total handle(money bet for that session), that includes ALL money bet including the internet bets that are not reported or taxed to the state.  A long time greyhound industry historian and expert took the numbers from the three largest tracks and found that there was $200 million dollars bet on internet wagers at those three tracks.  Considering there are 12 tracks in Florida, one wonders what ALL the tracks handles added up would look like.  It would seem that bets have not dried up like the opposition wants you to believe, but just like online shopping, people prefer to bet online.  Out of laziness people at the track will use the internet to bet at that same track they are at so they do not have to walk to the betting windows.  This was just another example of many, where the oppositions has twisted or left out pertinent information in order to vilify the greyhound industry.
As you will see by the FACTS in the report, another LIE that was spread by Grey2k and HSUS.
The TRUTH and FACTS About the Racing Greyhound Industry
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