Educating and advocating for the SPORT of Greyhound Racing!
Help keep greyhound racing in Florida....check out  for details
Kris Metz - From Adopter to adopter & Owner
Yodel - "Flat Chat Cuppa"
Pamela - From Adopter to Owner & Adopter
Liv - "Liv The Moment"
These are the same owners that Grey2k and HSUS defames every time they pass their misinformation to the public. 
Take a few minutes and read their stories.  Many do not break even, they just want to see greyhounds do what they were born and bred to do....RUN, making money is not a main consideration.  These people are your next door neighbors, co workers, fellow church goers, etc..  They are normal animal loving people like you and I, NOT the monsters the whacked out animal activists falsely accuse them of being.

Skip Potter - Adopter/Owner

Click to read his inspiring story!

Matt & Denise Schumitz