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Just when we thought that we’d never see anything as outrageously fraudulent and corrupt as the Florida campaign to pass Amendment 13, which effectively bans wagering on live Greyhound racing conducted in the state, this comes down the yellow brick road of media malpractice and fake news.

A local television news station aired a segment alluding to the alleged “plight” of greyhounds in Florida, who are soon to be disenfranchised by the passage of amendment 13. This legislation will completely shut off the revenue streams that racing provides, which entirely support these greyhounds.

The legislation contained no provisions or contingencies for those greyhounds, beyond the cutoff date for racing, of January 1, 2021. The passage of this legislation was the culmination of a 20 year-old political campaign to end live greyhound racing, anywhere and everywhere it exists in America--in this case, by Constitutional mandate.

A vast majority of US and Canada-based Greyhound adoption groups stood against this amendment, and 102 of them made their stand a matter of public record---a fact that was virtually ignored by the so-called “unbiased” media.

As events transpired, leadership and membership in both the adoption and racing communities, decided that the adoption groups who stood against the ban should receive priority, when it came down to relocating and re-homing the greyhounds who would inevitably be displaced by the cessation of live Florida racing. Those groups who did not stand up to be counted, or who supported the ban, would be on the outside, looking in.

This option, of course, is entirely within the rights of those people who own the greyhounds that will be made redundant at year’s end in 2020, all as a result of massive political wrangling, backroom deal-making, and the slap and tickle of politics-as-usual in Florida.

So the response of the out-of-state political action groups, who spent 3 million dollars to turn wagering on greyhound races into a crime of Constitutional importance, amplified by a compliant and thoroughly biased media, was to accuse the 102 adoption groups and the greyhound racing community of “politicizing the dogs”.

They had simply expressed their desire, preference and right to handle the adoptions of the affected greyhounds, without any assistance from those who conceived, supported and instigated the passage of Amendment 13, and who had relentlessly politicized those very same dogs for decades.

The lack of self-awareness is staggering, to say the least.
© Copyright 2019 & Dennis McKeon
© Copyright 2019 & Dennis McKeon
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