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The dream was realized in 2010 in the form of a young pup named Jean Krupa. "Baby" Jean began her career at the beginning of 2011 at Jacksonville, Florida racing for Lester Raines Kennel.

I realized I didn't explain how I came to buy half interest in "Baby" Jean. Her breeder had donated her naming rights to our adoption group for the silent auction at our annual picnic that was in September of 2010. Looking at the picture of the young girl,  I fell in love with that face. I did not win the naming rights, but kept thinking about her. I contacted her breeder and inquired about buying half interest in her. Bob Crossland was her breeder, and he loves to help new people get into greyhound racing, and he let me know what it would cost. I approached my husband while we were sitting out on the porch and asked him about the possibility of buying half interest in Jean Krupa.  I told him it could be my birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, and Christmas present for the next few years. My husband agreed, and the deal was done.  We could either put her in the auction or we could keep her to race, he was agreeable to either decision. I told him I wanted the thrill of watching her race. "Baby" Jean left for Jacksonville, FL that weekend and the rest is history.
- Candy Beck
Bought my first racer 3 years ago to experience the excitement of owning a racer from pup to career to retirement. Had adopted 3 Greyhounds previously, but wanted to go full circle with one.

I surely didn’t do it for the money, Liv (The Moment) barely made enough with her winnings, to pay for a couple months of training. It was for the love of watching her do what she was bred to do. Nothing was better then getting to watch her run, via Trackinfo, shouting at my screen, as if I was track matter how she placed, she ran with heart and that’s all I cared about.

I had set up a FB page for her,, to share my experience, the journey of owning my first racer. So thankful for her trainers and a dear friend, who took so many pictures and videos to share on her page, to show the behind the scenes of kennel life.

Liv has recently retired (a bitter sweet moment) after 14 months of racing with 74 races, to come to live on my farm, happily running with the others in their dog pasture. Nothing was more exciting then when I finally got to meet her after watching her from afar, for so long. She quickly settled into retirement life...what a sweet, loving dog she is, definatlly because of the care she received from her trainers during her career.

I am in a partnership on another racer, waiting to hit the track shortly, so the excitement continues!

I’m so happy I got to “Liv The Moment”!

"Liv The Moment" - Liv

Pamela Spader Noll with

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Liv Enjoying Retirement

Liv pics at the Track

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