In Her Own Words - Adopter/Owner Kris Metz

I have been adopting greyhounds since 1998.  Sly Heather (Holly), Cheyenne Phoebe (Phoebe), Excel (Excel), Sav's Blue Light (Jet), Rossmore Vicky (Dusty), Annie Rylee (Rylee), Aries (broke leg at 6 months, adopted at 7 months of age), Blues Girl(Sydney), Trixster (Trixster).

My love for this breed was immediate.  Holly, my first black greyhound, hooked me and my family immediately (I live with my parents).  My love for racing came along slowly.  You see, I believed when I first adopted that greyhounds needed to be rescued.  Living in New York and not being near a track, the information was minimal.  Back in 1999 I adopted my Phoebe from Greyhound Adoption Services, a group 5 minutes from Seabrook track, and there I met Kathi LaCasse and had the opportunity to visit a greyhound kennel.  Kathi showed me everything and I was amazed at how well the dogs were taken care of, how Kathi knew all the dogs names, and any questions I had, Kathi answered.  It peaked my interest even more.

I started fundraising for Greyhound Adoption Service, I sew fleece coats to help raise money for the adoption kennel.  Well that fundraising business had my Mom Jan, my greyhounds and myself traveling all over.  One place we went was Race the Wind in Abilene, naturally we toured the greyhound farms, Kraft Kennel, and Flying Eagles.  Well, once again I was amazed at how well these dogs were cared for.  Went to the pet expo that Linda Jensen used to run and here I saw my 10 year old Phoebe freak out because she heard the lure.  Phoebe had the opportunity to chase the bunny one more time, and she made the best of it.  The 100 yards turned into an entire lap, at the last minute she flew past the leadouts that were catching the dogs and did an entire lap around the track.  Right there I knew these dogs LOVE to run and the forcing a greyhound to run was a total lie.

In 2016 I was toying with the idea of purchasing a puppy.  I proposed the idea to my Mom and still remember saying, "why do we always adopt someone else's dog, how about we try it and see what happens".  Mom thought about it, and being my partner in crime for all these adoptions and our crazy greyhound travels, she said "why not", another adventure.  I looked Bob Crossland up as he was the man who has the patience to deal with adoption people and all our first time questions.  We didn't immediately purchase a pup.  We waited a couple of months and when I called Bob back to tell him we were ready, he told me about the KC and All, Kiowa Jill Vik litter.  I told him I was interested in a black female, in honor of our first adopted greyhound Holly.  Well, two were available, the A and B pup were black girls.  We received a picture of each and Mom decided on the A pup. 

Yodel was in a head lock grip standing so proud, her stance reminded Mom and me of Holly and how she would stand proudly looking around.  That was our girl.  From adoption to racing, it took me 20 years and I am happy to say I love the sport and I appreciate and root Yodel on every time she runs.  I usually don't sleep well the night before Yodel races and it is tradition for me to view some of her competitions races to see who she is up against.  Yodel is an amazing greyhound and to have a stakes race winner as my very first greyhound is unbelievable.  When Yodel is no longer having fun at the track, she will come home to me and my family.  Yodel has her own bank account and will want for nothing!

Fastest 30 Seconds - The Cinderella Story of Yodel - CLICK below for video


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