Educating and advocating for the SPORT of Greyhound Racing!

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Do you want to see racing return to the Heartland of US Greyhound Racing- the great State of Kansas!?!?!? Of course you do!!!

First, I'd like to commend the Kansas Greyhound Association for their continued hard work and dedication, you are all AMAZING!!! Also, a TREMENDOUS thank you to the 102 greyhound adoption groups throughout the US and Canada who provided letters of support that were presented to the Kansas Legislature!!!
🌟What can YOU do? 🌟

PLEASE make time to call and email the members of the Federal and State Affaires Committee (below). They NEED to hear from us. Talking points for adopters/supporters are listed below followed by the list of Reps in the committee that will be hearing this bill, HB 2671. We want the bill passed with no limitations on greyhound racing

You may have traveled to KS for an adoption event, Heart of America Greyhound Gathering or a National Meet/ Auction. You stay at hotels, eat at local restaurants, rent cars, fly into area airports, etc. Please feel free to share the Greyhound Hall of Fame is in Kansas. And as the "Greyhound Capital of the World," it brings travelers from all over the globe to experience an unique tourism opportunity.
When travelling to Kansas for greyhound related events, your tourism and entertainment dollars are spent in Kansas on hotels, restaurants, museums, rental cars, airfare and towards supporting local small businesses.
When you have visited Kansas farms, you have seen first hand how the greyhounds are whelped, raised and trained. Please share those experiences & impressions with lawmakers.
If you volunteer with a group, share your experience with the greyhound breed. How many years have you placed greyhounds? In your opinion, what advantages are there to race dog owners in using greyhound breed specific adoption groups over rescue shelters? How often has your group found a greyhound surrendered to a shelter by a race owner?
Ask lawmakers to please support the passage of HB2671 with no limitations to the future of greyhound racing.

***Please thank Representative John Barker for sponsoring this bill & his support for his greyhound industry constituents.***

John Barker - 785 296-7674 (Chair)
Francis Awerkamp - 785 296-6989 (Vice Chair)
Louis Ruiz - 785 296-7885
Tory Marie Arnberger - 785 296-7363
Jesse Burris 785-296-7693
Blake Carpenter - 785-296-7567 (House Majority Whip)
Stephanie Clayton - 785 296-7548
John Eplee 785 296-8621
Renee Erickson 785 296-7476
Broderick Henderson 785 296-7697
Dennis "Boog" Highberger 785-296-7122
Michael Houser 785 296-7679
Susan Humphries 785 296-7699 (House Majority
Caucus Chair)
Trevor Jacobs 785 296-7616
Jim Karleskint 785 296-7683
Jan Kessinger 785 296-7436
Nancy Lusk 785 296-7651
Les Mason 785-296-7640 (House Asst Majority Leader)
John Resman 785-296-7636
Eric Smith 785 296-7557
Jerry Stogsdill 785 296-7692
Adam Thomas 785-296-3113